The Purpose of Capital Project


The Purpose of Capital Project is a field building effort to support and shine a light upon diverse explorations into the topic from a variety of perspectives, timeframes, cultures and viewpoints. The Project is a charitable initiative operating through its fiscal sponsor, Impact Assets, a nonprofit financial services group with a mandate to advance impact investing and innovative uses of capital to support the creation of a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

The Blended Value Group is an advisory and thought leadership firm consisting of Jed Emerson. Our intention is to create a web site and periodic newsletter promoting the good work of not only the authors cited in this initial research, but a host of other thought leaders, organizations and networks active in promoting a new vision of the purpose of capital.

Both organizations’ web sites offer free resources and background information on impact investing and value creation. Over coming months, future publications of The Purpose of Capital Project will be distributed, free of charge, to those interested in continuing to explore these themes, history, and the implications of the ideas presented in this initial book, as well as related books and resources offered by others.

If you would like to receive notification of these offerings, please register your email address at The Purpose of Capital Project web site.

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