Charly Kleisnner 
Impact Investor and Co-Founder Toniic Network


Berry Liberman
Founder, Dumbofeather Magazine
Small Giants, Family Office

A book written for ‘grown-ups’!”

Chuck Lief
President, Naropa University


"In his latest and most important book, Jed Emerson helps us see how our understanding of the purpose of capital has its roots in ancient thinking and wisdom, while its future is in concepts such as Mutual Impact and Deep Economy. Challenging us to understand the shortcomings of modern financial capitalism, he helps us appreciate how changing the world must be grounded in efforts to change our selves. A truly inspiring read from an open and authentic elder of our field."

Suzanne DiBianca
EVP Corporate Relations and Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce

“Jed Emerson builds upon his groundbreaking concepts of Blended Value and Total Portfolio Management with a seminal work exploring the essential “Why?” of impact investing. A foundational resource for those of us interested in exploring the true purpose of our capital and why it is critical to thoughtfully and intentionally align our capital with our own personal mission and values.”

Ron D. Cordes
Co-founder, Cordes Foundation



“Refreshingly thoughtful and reflective, in this book Jed blends his lifelong fascination with how money can be used for good with a deep inquiry into the overall purpose of life. You’ll soon delight in the roadmap he unfurls slowly in this book  - and the treasures he uncovers along the way – myth, mystery, meaning, religion, philosophy, spirituality, and ultimately, humility. You’ll want to read this not just as way to understand the core assumptions inside impact investing, but as a guidebook for a more personal exploration of how using capital for impact can ultimately shape not just the society we live in, but the meaning of your life.”

Cathy Clark
Faculty Director, CASE and CASE i3 Initiative
Duke University


"In this mesmerizing and passionate intellectual tour de force, Jed Emerson takes on a several thousand year journey through money and meaning. Without judgment, Jed provokes us in the impact investing and broader finance communities to think about the why, more than the how, of what we do. But in the end, by doing so, I suspect Jed has re-ignited (or he would say evolved) a much needed discussion about the how as well, by reminding us that not only is value and meaning indivisible, but that our work and our personal lives, ourselves and our communities, and people and planet are all connected, and that to achieve good outcomes from investment decisions one must take a universal unified approach, not one that separates money from meaning. Oh, and there is a lot of good practical how in it too. This approach, if truly internalized by capital markets, promises to make the world a more just and equitable place, but also make us as actors in it more fulfilled as human beings. What could be a better call to action in a book than that? It’s also vibrant, funny, challenging and deeply personal in an extremely charming way; highly recommended!"

Jason Scott
Founding Partner, Encourage Capital


"Pulling from his own depth of experience and from wisdom traditions worldwide, this book is a true exploration and dialogue on the purpose of capital — A moment for all of us to pause, introspect, and question the very nature of capitalism and our relationship to it. Jed Emerson’s authentic, poetic, and spiritual analysis of wealth and it’s fundamental purpose is not only beautiful, it’s compelling and is a call to arms for us all to see money not as an end in and of itself, but as a tool to be leveraged for a just and equitable society. Every policy maker, every wealth holder, every entrepreneur, every investor, and truly every one of us would be doing ourselves and society at large a favor by diving into this brilliant memoir on the purpose of capital. Jed is a reverent iconoclast, a conscious capitalist, and in my humble opinion, one of the great practical philosophers of our time."                 

Daniel Epstein
Founder/CEO, Unreasonable


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