What If? The Music Video


When we first released The Purpose of Capital last year, Mia Haugen (my wife and journalist with deep video experience) and I thought long and hard about what kind of video we could make to compliment the ideas in the book. We shot some initial footage of me, standing on windswept Norwegian tundra, looking deep and thoughtful, which we would then use as background for my reading excerpts from the book.

The problem, of course, is that I looked ridiculous and we knew this was just not going to work!

Over Thanksgiving we visited with my brother’s family and discovered our niece, Jackie Emerson, had read and loved The Purpose of Capital. Jackie is a successful actress and musician. We realized we needed a completely different perspective on PoC—that of a 25-year old grappling with many of these same issues.

The result is Impact: The Musical!, a three minute song entitled What If? that presents the ideas and concepts explored in the book.

We believe this may be the first music video to explore the purpose of capital and are excited to share it with you!

You’ll find the Director’s cut version here (which is a more creative production of the song) and may download the Conference cut version here (which is a “cleaner” version for conferences, workshops and financial audiences).

We hope you’ll view and share these widely using #WhatIf? to tell us what YOUR vision of capital is, answering the question: What if the purpose of capital were to do more than simply make more money?

What’s YOUR #WhatIf?